A tender for the organization and conduct of online betting has started in the state of New York

In the US state of New York, a tender has finally started to organize and conduct online betting. We are now accepting applications for two platforms for accepting bets on sports events online.

This event became significant for the gambling industry of the state, since to this day betters had the opportunity to make bets only in person at land-based bookmakers.

From the applicant for the tender, the following will be required – deductions to the state of at least 50 percent of the profit, a license fee of $ 25 million, the operator must also host his company’s server in one of the operating gambling houses in New York and pay him five million dollars a year.

The start date for online betting is scheduled for February next 2022, tentatively. Note – earlier in the state of New York, the tender for online betting did not start on time.

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