Arizona authorities legalized betting in the state

Arizona has joined the American states in which gambling is legalized. Governor Doug Ducy signed into law passed by the Legislature on betting. It is not yet known exactly when its provisions will take effect, but officials are discussing a deadline until the fall of 2021.

According to the law, the Arizona Department of Gambling will regulate sports betting – they can be made in this state both at land-based pick-up points and online. This agency has the authority to issue up to ten betting licenses. They are only available to sports team owners / management companies, property owners / management companies hosting the annual PGA Tour, to promoters of NASCAR touring car races in Arizona.

 Arizona Department of Gambling

In addition, an additional ten licenses can be obtained by the Indian tribes of Arizona, which entered into a gambling agreement with the state authorities in 2021.

Betting operators can transfer the right to accept online sports betting under their license to third-party companies that will need to obtain a separate license from the Arizona gambling regulator.

As GURU Slots found out, the state of New York has legalized mobile sports betting, for operators of which taxes and fees are set.

Earlier it became known that only one bureaucratic procedure separates the state of Maryland from the legalization of betting. Recall that online sports betting has already been legalized in Wyoming.

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