Experts estimate how much money will be on the Canadian gambling market

The gambling market in Canada, whose parliament has just passed a bill to legalize single bets, could reach $ 4.6 billion by 2030. This forecast was given by analysts of the investment company Macquarie Group.

They clarified that 2.2 billion will come from land-based betting and 2.4 billion from online casinos. Moreover, analysts added, this is a conservative forecast, assuming that every adult resident of Canada will spend $ 135 annually on these gambling entertainment.

Operators of gambling have high expectations. For example, DraftKings estimates the Canadian gambling market could be as high as $ 8 billion, while BetMGM estimates it at $ 7 billion.

As reported by GURU Slots, experts predicted a rise in the profits of bookmaker companies to $ 750 billion by 2025.

Earlier it became known that analysts expect esports companies to receive revenues in the amount of $ 1.1 billion based on the results of activities in 2021. Let us also recall that experts believe that the profits of online gambling operators in the Netherlands could exceed a billion euros by 2025.

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