Parliament of Canada finally passes the draft law on odin rates

Both houses of the Canadian Parliament approved a bill to legalize betting on selected sports events. Previously, in this country, the authorities allowed bettors to bet on only a few events, otherwise the players were prosecuted.

In order for the document to become law and come into force, only the procedure remained – obtaining Royal consent, since Canada is a constitutional monarchy, and its head is the monarch of the British Commonwealth of Nations (now Queen Elizabeth II).

Work on legalizing sports betting on single events has been going on for over a decade, and the bill passed by parliament has received widespread support in Canada, said representatives of the Canadian Gambling Association. The organization noted that the adoption of this document was necessary to regulate the betting sphere, oversee operators, protect players and create economic benefits for the country.

Prior to the adoption of the draft law, Canadians annually bet billions of dollars through offshore sites, said David Wells, a member of the upper house of parliament of Canada. But this money, the legislator emphasized, should remain in the country and be directed to the development of health care systems, education and other social areas.

This is an important step by the Canadian authorities for the return of Canadian players from American casinos, from offshore sites with gambling entertainment and from illegal bookmakers, experts of the gambling industry noted. They noted that the draft law was supported by the Canadian Football League, the National Hockey League, representatives of equestrian and other sports.

As GURU Slots previously reported, the state monopoly on gambling has been secured in Norway under the new gambling legislation.

The authorities of Puerto Rico, as it became known earlier, are working on changes to the rules of gambling in the country in order to determine the amount of targeted deductions from bookmaking activities. As a reminder, the new gambling law comes into force in Germany on July 1, 2021.

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