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Live Casino Guide

Due to the rapid development of technology, Live Casino are becoming commonplace. Now playing blackjack, baccarat, or live roulette with real live dealers and real players is an increasingly popular entertainment.

In this Live Casino Guide, you will find the most comprehensive information that will give you information on ​​how casinos work, how to distinguish a reliable casino from SCAMers, what games are there, and much more.

After reading our guide, you will understand all the pros and cons of Live Casino and compare them with the classic online casinos.

An important point that we will consider is what betting strategies exist and how to increase the chances of winning real money in a live dealer casino.

Also on this page,, you can immediately choose a proven and most importantly reliable Live Casino for yourself and immediately go and play.

Live Casino and COVID-19

The active growth in the popularity of Live Dealer Casino began in 2020, after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when all land-based casinos were closed due to lockdown, the live casinos was able to give players exactly what they needed, protect from the coronavirus, and the opportunity to play with real dealers and live players. Could we imagined a couple of years ago that it would be possible to play in Live Casino with real croupiers without leaving home, making deposits in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin?

Live Casino for Real Money

It is an excellent feature that you can play exclusively for real money. Unfortunately, there are no live casinos yet with free spins or virtual currency. That is why choosing a casino with a Real Dealer is a responsible task. This makes it difficult for a beginner to distinguish a reliable Live Casino from a scam.

To do this, we have created our guide, where we have collected all our many years of experience and recommendations that we and millions of players from all over the world use when choosing and analyzing casinos with a Real Dealer to distinguish SCAMmers. It is important to always keep in mind that you are risking your real money when playing at a live casino with a dealer, which is why to read this guide to the end or choose from the casinos presented on this page.

How to Choose the Best Live Casino?

There are many signs and parameters for choosing a Live Dealer Casino. GURU Slots, when adding any Live Casino to the site, be sure to check the following points:

Live Casino License

The very first parameter is the license. We check its availability and current status. Today, most Live Casinos are licensed from one of the following countries:

UK Gambling License

One of the most popular and trusted licenses in the world. It guarantees the protection of the players and the reliability of the casino. To check if the license is up-to-date at the LINK

Malta Gambling License

The second most popular gaming license in the world. The presence of this license at the casino allows all residents of Europe to play in this casino, guaranteeing players to comply with all their rights and EU laws. To check the relevance of the license by following the LINK

Gambling License of Curacao

An international Live Casino license that allows US, Australian, and Canadian players to play and have fun. Many global brands have this license in their portfolio so that players from all over the world can access Live Casino. To check the availability and validity of the license on the OFFICIAL SITE.

eCOGRA Certified

The second important parameter, after the license, is that the Live Casino has an eCOGRA Certificate. This certificate confirms the safety of using a random number generator. Thus, excluding the fact of software fraud.

eCOGRA is a community-based organization dedicated to protecting players from all over the world and certifying software that undergoes multilevel testing to ensure it adheres to random number algorithms. Only the best Live Dealer Casinos have eCOGRA certified.

Live Dealer Casinos Software

The third point worth paying attention to is the software used in the Live Casino. The most reliable casinos use software has has proven over the years and millions of players from such manufacturers as PlaytechMicrogamingNetEnt, etc. You can also choose any casino from these manufacturers on our website in the section – online casinos.

Live Casino Dealer and Support

Last but not least is the Live Dealer. Agree that the croupier is the face of the casino, and if this face does not look great, then questions arise with the credibility of such a casino.

If you notice that the Dealer looks like it is his or her first day of work, then you may have reasonable doubts about the safety of this casino.

Also, reliable and the best Live Casino always provides 24/7 player support. During the game, many questions can arise, especially regarding the deposits or winnings processes. That is why the casino should always be available for communication and instantly solving the difficulties that have arisen.

Top Live Casino by Country

We have specially studied all aspects related to the casino with a Real Dealer in the most interesting countries. We consulted local lawyers and casino operators. You can rest assured that GURU Slots have done a great job to provide you with the most up-to-date and honest information you need when playing in a Live Casino.

Best Live Casino in the USA

Despite the long history of gambling in the United States and the world capital of gambling – the city of Las Vegas, the United States has an ambiguous position regarding online gambling. An important component is a fact that depending on the specific state, a casino with a Real Dealer can be both local and only international casino operator. Therefore, we recommend US players play at international casinos. For convenience, we have created a special section on the site so that you can easily choose the casino you like and enjoy playing in a USA Casino!

Best Live Casino in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to guarantee the freedom of its citizens. That is why online gambling in Canada is very popular and legal. Since each of its citizens has the right to independently decide what kind of entertainment or whether to use earnings. Global brands have their Live Casino in Canada, which guarantees the highest quality and reliability. You can choose the best casinos for Canadians by going to the appropriate section on our website.

Best Live Casino in Australia

Australia is famous not only for its unique nature or kangaroos but also for the fact that it is one of the first countries in the world to start regulating online gambling. However, the chosen path led to the fact that the local Australian casino with a Real Dealer ceased to exist. Now players from Australia can enjoy playing in a Live Casino that has an international license or EU license. To simplify the search for a casino for Australians, we have specially created a corresponding section on our website this Australia Casinos.

Best Live Casino in England

England is one of the few countries in the world that has created the best conditions for a casino with a Real Dealer. This area is under complete control thanks to licenses and clear rules for the operation of all Live Casino. You can be confident in the reliability of a Live Casino – if it has an appropriate license issued by UK Gambling Commission. It also ensures that the government intervenes and immediately shut down any casino if it cheats players. We have selected the best British Online Casinos!

Payment Methods in Live Casino

Live Casinos offer a lot of options for making a deposit or withdrawing money from a casino. The choice of each of the methods carries some peculiarities that you need to consider. Also, do not forget about your local laws, as there may be certain restrictions. But do not worry if there is no suitable method in the selected casino – GURU Slots has already selected an alternative both in terms of payment method, so it can offer an alternative casino with a Live Dealer. All payment methods can be conventionally grouped into several categories.

Debit and Credit Cards

MasterCard or Visa is probably the most popular payment method. Almost all live casinos accept credit or debit cards. However, in some cases, processing a payment with a card may involve an additional fee. But the indisputable advantage is the fact that payment occurs almost instantly.

E-Wallets Casino Payments

One of the most convenient ways to pay to the Live Casino is E-Wallets or e-payment services. They are used because of their reliability, ease of use, and low fees. Another undeniable advantage is the speed of payments and a loyal compliance department. That is why many casinos with a Real Dealer offer their gamblers to make a deposit or withdraw funds using E-Wallets.

The most popular among gamblers and casinos are wallets from companies such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and others.

Before making a deposit, we strongly recommend that you check your casino withdrawal method as it may differ.

Bitcoin Live Casino Payments

Bitcoin has already become an integral part of our life. In 2021, the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate attracts even more supporters of this currency. Bitcoin live casinos appear on the Internet, and more and more casinos are starting to accept and payout winnings using Bitcoin. The main advantage of Bitcoin is complete anonymity and the ability to turn bitcoin into an asset for further resale. Of the minuses, the speed of money transfer can be noted. Sometimes you need to wait several hours before bitcoins are credited to the account of a Live Casino.

Types of Live Casino Gambling

Casino with a Real Dealer has appeared as an alternative to the usual ones, where anywhere in the world, having a smartphone or laptop, you can play with live dealers in your favorite casino. And after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, when land-based casinos were forced to quarantine due to the coronavirus, live casinos have become a full-fledged replacement.

Games in casinos with live dealers allow players to feel all that atmosphere of a classic casino and get incredible emotions anywhere in the world, thanks to living communication with the croupier and other players. And the best part is that you see the dealer, but he does not see you, and also does not put you at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Live Roulette for Real Money

To give the game of live roulette its classic atmosphere, casinos often broadcast from real gaming halls or a special studio. Everything is done here as in the famous casinos of Las Vegas, except that you follow the live roulette online. In live roulette, the rules of the game are the same as in its classic version. You can choose whichever you prefer the European Live Roulette or the American version. The difference between them is that there is only one ZERO in European roulette, and two in American roulette, which increases the chances of a ball falling by ZERO to 1/19, versus 1/27 in the European version.

A special feature of Live Roulette is the fact that there are no free games or demo versions. However, you can play free online roulette to understand the principle and come up with your winning strategy before you sit down at the live roulette table with a live dealer.

Live Blackjack for Real Money

Live Blackjack can be called a classic gambling game, the principle of which is to collect 21 points. The main difference between live blackjack and classic is that the stakes in Live Casino are higher than in a land-based casino. The second difference is that if you lose your Internet connection, this will be regarded in a live casino as leaving the table.

Live Baccarat for Real Money

The difference between online baccarat and live baccarat is that you can play not only with a real dealer but also with real people from all over the world. The cards are dealt with with by the dealer, which allows you to get the same emotions as in a land-based casino.

Live Poker for Real Money and Real People

Live poker is no different from poker in a land-based casino, except that the decision time is increased. The cards are dealt by the dealer, and at the same table with you other real players. Since you are not seen during the game, you do not have to worry that your emotions can give out your cards. We recommend that beginners start playing free poker first, and only then sit down to live poker with other players.

Live Texas Hold’em for Real Money

This is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Texas Hold’em has already become a sporting discipline, with prize pools at the championships reaching several million US dollars. Live Texas Hold’em for real money with real people will allow you to get real emotions from the game and also train before the championship. Many celebrities and world champions love to play live Texas Hold’em to improve their skills and break the bank!

Live Money Wheel

The classic game of chance, also known as the Big Six or the Wheel of Fortune, uses a large vertical wheel that can be rotated. The Living Wheel is divided into a series of equal segments separated by spokes or pins. Each segment is associated with a number. The wheel is spun live by the dealer and the winning segment is indicated by an arrow mounted on a flexible piece of rubber or leather that also rubs against the pins, creating friction and slowing the wheel down. If the player stops the wheel, the segment at the top wins.

Live Casino Software

Many well-known and reputable software developers in the field of gambling create software for live games. The industry leaders are such companies as Lucky Streak, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and others.

Some live casino organizers specially equip studios for broadcasting, while others broadcast directly from existing casinos. This approach allows you to feel the entire atmosphere of a classic casino, which creates the effect of presence for the player. Such emotions are extremely relevant and in demand in the era of the global pandemic COVID-19