Dutch online gambling revenue could exceed € 1 billion over the next five years

According to experts, the profit received from online gambling operators in the Netherlands may exceed the one billion euro mark by 2025. This fact is due to the positive impact of the introduction of the KOA law on online games.
To date, the difference in profits received from land-based gambling houses in the Netherlands from online operators is very significant and looks like this: land-based casinos – almost 2.3 billion, and the online sector – 424 million euros for the reporting period of 2019.

According to the Netherlands Betting Focus, the profit generated by online gambling can and will increase significantly, which means GGR – the total gross income from this area of ​​the gambling industry will also increase.

Let us remind you that GURU Slots previously published information that casinos belonging to Holland Casino in the Netherlands will resume their activities since the end of April.

It was also reported about a warning issued to operators of online gambling in the Netherlands about overly active advertising of gambling.

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