Gamblers spend a lot more money in cashless payments

According to the results of a social survey conducted by the British organization “Consumer Voice”, statistics show that gamblers spend much more money using a non-cash method of paying for gambling services than in cases when they need to pay in real money.

The results of this study concerning land-based gambling establishments were released by the British regulator.

And the very first results showed that more than eighty percent of respondents said that when they paid by card or using money transfers, they exceeded their planned spending limit. About two-thirds of the respondents stated that it is more difficult for them to control their cashless gambling spending.

At the same time, when paying for such services in cash, overspending was noted in less than ten percent of the respondents. Note that today in the UK non-cash payments are prohibited for land-based gambling entertainment services.

The conclusions of analysts are clear and understandable, take at least the internal currency of land-based casinos – chips that are perceived by gamblers, especially gamblers, as not real or real money, thus it is easier to part with them and large bets are made easier by players.

As a reminder, another interesting study was recently conducted in the UK on the impact of gambling advertising on gamblers. Also note – the treatment of citizens with gambling addiction is too expensive for the UK.

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