Lithuanian authorities adopted amendments to prohibit any advertising of gambling

The result of the discussion by the Lithuanian Seimas of the issue of additional restrictions on advertising of gambling in the country, was the adoption of all previously proposed amendments. Now any promotion of gambling in Lithuania will be illegal.

promotion of gambling in Lithuania

All possible types of popularization of gambling were banned – advertising and information campaigns promoting information materials, promotions, test entertainment, draws – any stimulating actions and events, both online and offline formats.

According to one of the authors of this initiative, Mykolas Mayauskas, such measures are necessary to maximize the protection of the country’s population. Experts believe that today’s advertising of gambling is too aggressive and intrusive. This can greatly harm people who are prone to gambling addiction. It should be noted that 108 Lithuanian deputies voted “for”, eight members of the Seimas abstained.

The issue of combating gambling addiction is acute in many countries of the world.

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