The regulator called the terms of licensing online gambling operators in Germany

The German authorities, where new gambling rules will come into effect in July, have launched a licensing process for online gambling operators.

The Gambling Authority of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt will issue licenses to those companies that have gone through all the necessary bureaucratic procedures. The agency has already announced the conditions for licensees wishing to play virtual slots and online poker in Germany.

In particular, potential operators – and these are only those companies that are registered in the European Union and the European Economic Area – must submit a large package of documents to the management.

It must contain the application itself with detailed information about the applicant, a statement of the obligation not to offer illegal gambling, documentary evidence that the company has the funds necessary for its activities, certified by an independent auditor, a profit forecast within five to seven years, documentary evidence of the transparency and safety of gambling games of the operator, description of the site and the games placed on it, information on advertising activities and the concept of advertising and other information.

As GURU Slots has reported, the German parliament has approved the tax rate for online gambling operators. Earlier it became known what could lead to the introduction of such a tax in Germany.

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