HooYu found out how much casino operators are losing a player due to KYС


A report from the HooYu provider named the percentage of gamblers who are lost by foreign and British operators due to the client’s unwillingness to go through identification during online registration – this is almost a third of all players.

An analysis was carried out on the basis of information provided by the operators themselves about the reasons for the termination of the “work with the client”. He showed that KYC – only 86 percent of British online gamblers and 70 percent of foreign ones pass identification. Those same 14 and 30 percent, respectively, cancel their decision due to identification.

I calculated HooYu and the time that KYC takes – in the UK it is about 11 minutes and up to several hours when registering with a foreign operator. The report also indicated that some customers canceled their registrations when asked to confirm they had funds.

As David Pope, director of marketing for HooYu, noted, the study clearly shows the amount of material damage gamblers throughout the industry incur due to the fact that their identification systems are not perfect.

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