Lithuanian gamblers need a passport of opportunities for going to casinos and bookmakers

The Lithuanian government, in the context of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, has decided to temporarily introduce a passport of opportunity in the country.

Lithuanian gamblers

This document, which will be issued by the authorities, will indicate information about its owner: whether he was sick with COVID-19, whether he was vaccinated against this infection, what kind of vaccine was used, whether there are antibodies to coronavirus.

With such a passport, Lithuanian gamblers can visit gambling houses and betting centers.

The procedure for using this document will be announced by the country’s authorities on May 24.

As GURU Slots reported, due to the worsening coronavirus situation, gambling establishments in the Manila metropolitan area (Philippines) have been closed until May 14.

Earlier it became known that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the pachinko slot machine halls in Japan were suspended. Recall that the crisis in the gambling industry in Europe caused by the coronavirus pandemic was reported by the European Casino Association.

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