The $ 5 bet made the casino customer a millionaire

The world capital of entertainment Las Vegas once again delighted the gambling guest with a big win. This time luck was waiting for its hero in the luxurious casino-hotel “The Venetian Resort Las-Vegas”.

The American media immediately picked up the news, but to their regret, the happy customer of the slot machine room decided to exercise his right to remain anonymous and remain anonymous.

But the casino administration did share the details – the bet that made the player a millionaire cost him only five dollars, the exact amount of this quick win was $ 1,544,322, the name of the slot is “Wheel of Fortune”.

Recall – in the second decade of June this year in Wisconsin, a player hit the jackpot on a slot machine and turned $ 10 into a million.

Another very pleasant win, or rather, the jackpot brought a lottery ticket to a Pensacola resident, making him one million dollars richer.

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